Modifying A California Family Court Order

Family law orders may need to be modified to account for significant changes that occur after an order has been entered. If you are seeking or opposing the modification of a family court order, retaining experienced legal counsel is the first step to protecting your rights.

Changes to child custody and time-sharing (visitation) schedules arise when such changes address a child's best interests. Every order should reflect the current needs of the child. On the other hand, some orders require changes so that there are adequate finances available to meet the child's needs. California has guidelines in place to ensure that both parents fairly contribute to the upbringing of the children.

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  • Child custody modifications
  • Time-sharing (visitation) modifications
  • Spousal support modifications

Child Support Modifications

You cannot modify a child support order simply because you feel the original order was unjust. Instead, you must be able to show that there has been a significant change in circumstances such as:

  • Your income has changed significantly

  • Your ex-spouse has been incarcerated or has lost a job

  • The physical, mental or emotional needs of your child have changed, requiring an adjustment in his or her financial needs

If you or the other parent has experienced what you believe to be a significant change in circumstances and you feel you are paying too much or not receiving enough support, I can perform a guideline child support calculation on your behalf.

If you have grounds for a modification, I can make all necessary filings with the court, negotiate on your behalf to seek a resolution of your child support dispute, and vigorously protect your rights and interests at any necessary hearings.

Child Custody And Time-Sharing Modifications

You can seek a modification to child custody or your time-sharing schedule, if you believe that it is in the best interests of your child to make the change. Some circumstances where you may be able to modify your custody or time-sharing order include:

  • Your work schedule has changed
  • You child has been abused by the other parent
  • The other parent has a chemical dependency problem that puts your child at risk
  • Your teenager has expressed a strong preference for a change in custody

If these or other issues have arisen and you feel the existing custody arrangement is not in the best interests of your child, contact my law office for assistance. I can also provide experienced representation if you are opposing a child custody modification.

Learn If You Qualify To Bring A Motion To Modify Support Or Custody

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