Understanding How California Modifications Work

Due to changed circumstances, family law orders and divorce decrees frequently require revision. However, whether you support or oppose proposed changes to such orders, it's important to have a knowledgeable advocate on your side to represent your interests.

I'm attorney Ronald K. Stitch, and I have over 35 years of experience helping individuals deal with family law and divorce issues. I understand what courts in California require for modification to take place, and I use my knowledge and experience to protect your rights.

Call 805-242-9713 to discuss your case in a free consultation. If you qualify to modify your divorce or another family court order, I will take immediate action to bring a motion to modify on your behalf. My goal is to help you ensure that any existing child custody or child support order is fair and does not place an unfair burden on you or your child.

Do You Qualify For A Custody Or Support Modification?

There are specific laws in place to help courts determine when a child custody, parenting plan or child support order can be modified. To learn more about these rules, please visit our page on modifying court orders.

Enforcement Of Family Law Orders

As a family lawyer, I know what steps to take when one parent or the other fails to comply with a family law order or divorce decree. In certain instances, this means moving for modification of an order and calling for possible sanctions.

Mediation Services

I also offer mediation services for clients who wish to resolve custody or time-sharing disputes through the process of mediation. The mediation process can provide a more economical, efficient and amicable means of resolving legal disputes, so I always encourage parents to consider the possible benefits of mediation.

Serving Southern California Family Law Clients For More Than 35 Years

I have represented clients throughout Ventura County and Los Angeles for more than 35 years. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your modification case, please contact my law office by email or call 805-242-9713.

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